A Message for My Mama

I’m sorry for the wrong words I’ve said. I’ve hurt you so much in a couple of minutes. I’m sorry for losing my wits and tack when we had our chat. I know all the pains you have gone through just to give us a decent life. We are who we are because of you mama. I am truly sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel worthless. I was just going crazy over the situation. I over reacted and let my past frustrations get the best out of me. I know you love me. I’m sorry if I turned out ungrateful. I am forever in gratitude for the life you have given me. I wouldn’t exchange you for anything or any other mother in the world. You forever will be the greatest mother for me and nothing can change that. You’re heart and soul made me a better person that alone makes you more precious than all the precious jewels in this world. I may not be able to give you visible gifts right now to show how much I appreciate you, rest assured everything you sacrificed for will be repaid. I was not able to greet you on the exact day because you were not online. I’m truly sorry. I know I’m no perfect daughter and you know all my negative aspects. Yet you continue to show your love for me. Ma I will always love you and you are always in my heart and mind. Belated Happy Mother’s Day. I hope that the next mother’s day I won’t fail you anymore.  

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