Haha yet another adventure for me… I’ve made it through the crazy screening process and I’m now an official candidate for Bb. Ormoc 2009. Me and my ideas oh well. It’s brutal. I had a couple of treaments and there will still be other treatments to be presentable come Corontation Night. How will I survive all this? I hope I bring out the beautiful lady in me. I don’t know how to strut like one that’s for sure. I am not comfortable being the center of attention. So why the heck did I decide to join this year? Well since I’m trying to make the best out of me. I did it drastically now. This is the end of the line straight up from my usual sanity. I mustered up the courage to join a beauty pageant. Coming from a person with bouts of self-pity and self-rejection, it sure is a stressful and uber challenging thing. I plan to conquer my obnoxious stage frights. This is a wake up call to my almost absent self-confidence. May 15 will be my first professional photoshoot followed by a courtesy call to the Office of the Mayor. The day after my handlers are putting me on a challenge in strutting. I’m doing my very first catwalk in a fashion show. After it a series of practices for my walk,poses, talent and stuff we need to do for the coronation night. Then on Independence Day we will also be joining the parade and later on the official presentation of the Candidates. They haven’t provided us with the full schedule so I can’t tell what to expect. For those who like me thinks that beauty pageants are not that difficult. I was way wrong. I belittled pageants before an now I know how hard it is just to please most of the people and how demanding the task is on hand. Oh well!! Do or die trying!!! AJA!!! Wha!!! Guess I’ll be busy for the whole month of May and June… I do hope I will be able to bring out the best in me… Oh my gulay!! Karir na kung karir!! I’m doing this also to make my mother proud. I’ll keep you posted haha… 

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