A List of Why’s

Why am I alone? 

A: Because you allow yourself to be away from everybody else. Trying going out every now and then.

Why am I sad?

A: Because your focus is directed towards negative things. There is no such thing a person who has no reason to smile. Try to tap into it when you’re sad.

Why do we feel pain?

A: Because we have nerves and brains that tells us. As for emotional pain, because we are human? haha.. Pain is inescapable. Live with it. Just learn to divert. Sometimes pain triggers new discoveries. Pain comes with comfort. Everything in this world in dual. As a matter is to an anti matter, as love is to hate, as life is to death and so on and so forth…

Why do people say I’m immature?

A: Because you are not fully aware of the things you do. Being irresponsible and insensitive to every opposite reaction makes you down right careless thus immaturity coming into play. Think before you speak or do anything. Science tells us that every action has an equal opposite reaction. Be aware. Start to care more and learn to look from various perspectives.

Why do people die?

A: We are not perfect. If we were perfect, death would not exist. We are not like God though we strive to be. It sets us apart from him. He is the creator we are His creations we come with expiry dates. What’s important is we live according to His will.

Why are men insensitive and pathetic?

A: Don’t blame it on men. Blame it on yourself for giving them a chance to hurt you. Stop obsessing about men you like who in reality don’t care about you. They are not insensitive. They are just not interested in you. Wait for the right man for you. Then you’re thoughts of men will probably change. If they are pathetic for you then look for better ones. 

Why am I single?

A: Because you haven’t found someone who makes you happy. Just wait but don’t put yourself in a box. The box represents your high standards that are keeping you from meeting good guys. Don’t be too demanding. You’re not perfect either.

Why is everything complicated in this world?

A: Because we were given great minds. We have complex minds thus we make this world so complicated. Try living simply to see the reason behind the phenomenon of complexity.

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