Facing Reality

Earlier today, I was so pissed off which ended with me getting swollen knuckles.

 I was just letting my frustrations go physically that is. Maybe all the emotional burden got the best out of me. 

Last night was the same, I was complaining about how men were. 

A friend said to me last night that I should not keep on digging up the past. I was guilty of it. I never was the type of person who would find closure alone. 

I always needed that the person involved tell me upfront since I’m like that. But I guess sometime, you have to learn to let go on your own. 

Then as I read through the text of He’s Just Not That Into You again, there were flashbacks of my past relationship. 

How I wished that I read this book 6years ago I wouldn’t have wasted my time with him. I really think that what kept me hanging on to him despite all the things he did was the same with that the battered wife’s syndrome. 

A syndrome that involved women thinking overly positive about a relationship that’s clearly abusive. Due to the fairy tale concepts that were injected to us when we were young. I myself am guilty of the common line ” He will be different tomorrow, he will be better, we will be happier.” Probably it has something with one’s ego. 

It’s hard to accept that you picked the wrong guy and give up all the efforts you made just to keep him with you. Even-though I saw a lot of reasons to break up with him I kept holding on. I ended up being brutally hurt. It was only after the inhumane break up that I realized those things and like what the book said have faith that there is a better man out there for you. 

Despite the small number of good men out there. You will find one if you are only open to it and if you believe. It’s no secret. Faith can definitely move mountains. Just hang on and do go for guys who are not in your standards. Keep your standards simple and achievable. 

When I was a teenager I was so damn idealistic which only makes you frustrated as you grow older. About staying in a relationship, it is easy to judge whether or not to hang on to a relationship or to wait for that person. 

If he makes you happy and if he shows that he love you then that man is really in love with you. 

If not, stop making excuses for him. It won’t change the fact. You should just give it up and give yourself a chance to find someone better.

 It’s better to be single than be with someone who is a burden to you. In all things, always consider yourself before anything else but be sensitive to others as well. 

It is in loving oneself that you learn to love others. It has been said before. 

We all know well the golden rule. Just try to understand it deeper. 

Every person’s actions are derived from what is in his mind and heart. Get a clue. Reality maybe harsh. You are in this real world and not some Wonderland. You won’t go wrong if you know what makes you happy and have faith in it.

 It’s not the circumstances that make men great. It is the choices that we make despite those trivial life events. 

Stop hiding and deceiving yourself. It will not get you anywhere but in a junkyard filled with regrets and sorrow. Listen to what your heart tells you. We have instincts for a reason. 

The basic philosophy that will get you far is simple. If you are happy with it keep it, leave if you’re not. 

The world is wide. Don’t put yourself in a box. Open up to the world and in return it will do the same to you. Reality >> face it,learn from it and love every moment of it.

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