It’s almost two years since my heart suffered a major blow.

I fell into an abyss filled of self-pity, paranoia, anger, depression and hopelessness.

I lack direction and I did things that only added insult to injury.

Just because I loved someone way more than I loved myself.

I’ve done crazy and unthinkable things.

Things that comes to haunt me every now and then.

I am never perfect and I’ll never be the ideal girl.

Though I suffered and was severed by tragedies and wrong decisions, I am still alive.

Fighting and not letting go of my faith that God will help me.

I pray that as I live off each day, I continue to morph into a better person.

I’m freeing myself of all the negativism.

I will no longer feel sorry for myself.

I don’t strive for perfection but I want to make the right decisions in my life.

As for my wounded heart, I guess God has a plan.

I know that in the right time, I will finally find the right man.
And when that time comes, I pray that I will no longer fear the ghosts of my past nor the uncertainties of tomorrow.

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