Blunt Truths About Guys

I’m just making my version of the book “He’s Just Not That Into You”. I hope this can help those girls who are all out when it comes to love despite the hurt. I just want girls to realize that loving doesn’t mean losing their dignity and self-love.

Leave the guy if:

1.He doesn’t show he cares. It is so plain and simple. No reasons needed. Stop thinking that he is just holding back. A guy who truly cares can’t help but show it.
2. He is self-destructive. If he doesn’t heed advices that are good for him, it’s a no no. Yes, it is bad to demand a person to change but if he really loves you he would consider your point. A person who is stubborn will take a millennium to change. You’ll just get frustrated, you wouldn’t want to waste your time for a person who doesn’t want to improve himself. Examples of these are : guys who keep on dropping out in school, guys who party all the time, guys who use drugs and guys who are nymphomaniacs. You’ll only be pulled down. You deserve someone way better.
3. He doesn’t have the initiative. By law of nature, it is the guys who does things for the girl and not the other way around. You don’t want to be in a relationship wherein you are the slave. Your parents didn’t raise you to be one. There should be equality. Please don’t put his happiness before his. It should be at the same level.
4. He keeps on making excuses for things he forgot to do or for the promises he broke that is unless he has the same disease as what Drew Barrymore had in “50 First Dates”. It just shows how irresponsible he is, you wouldn’t want to marry someone like that. Just think of it. A man should practice what he preach and must keep his promises.
5. You keep worrying about him. A guy who doesn’t tell about what he is up to ain’t worth it at all. Imagine how it would be like when you guys get married. You will look 50 even-though you’re only 30. A real man is considerate and thoughtful to the lady he loves.
These are the main truths that girls should accept. It is high time that we all wake up from our dreams and face reality. No matter how much you like that guy if he can’t do the same for you it would still be a waste. A woman deserves to be respected and treated like a delicate glass. Stop letting those jerks who pretend to be real men trample on you and your dignity. You are way better than that. Don’t be desperate. Just trust that God has already made the right one for you.

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