Of Beauty, Love and Fairytales

Wouldn’t it be nice to be a princess? 
To live in a majestic castle…
To eat delicious meals…
Be clothed in exquisite garments… 
To have all the fame and fortune…
To be be loved by a handsome, kind, valiant and intelligent prince.
To possess captivating beauty, undeniable finesse, true kindness and great intelligence. 
Wouldn’t you want to be all that?

That’s why those kind of princesses exist only in fairy tales. In the real world, you cannot chose. You must accept what God has given to you. What you are now and what you have exists for a reason. We can want to be perfect but what is perfection if it would mean losing individuality? Would you still be happy living a life wherein everything is perfect? Fairy tales are there to help us dream more and not to fill us with false hopes. For in this world, it is not all about perfection. Real beauty lies within the imperfection. 

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