Batang Snatcher

Nabiktima ka na ba ng snatcher? Let me tell you guys of my experience.

It was late afternoon and me and my sister was walking along the streets when all of the sudden, I felt someone reaching in my back pocket. So I turned and saw a kid pulling out my purse. The kid hurriedly ran with my purse. I had just received a bit of my salary and I was planning to buy medicine for my sick dog. I went after him, I didn’t even bother that I was running in the middle of an intersection! So I ran and I stopped upon seeing a parish guard. I asked for help and the first thing he said was, ” Wala na yung bata malamang nakasakay na ng taxi.” I was outraged since I can still see the kid running away so I pointed the direction. It was only that instant that he decided to run after it. The kid however managed to ride a jeepney and we lost him. I was so devastated with the money gone and my dog still sick. It so happened that the tanods of that certain baranggay saw me still trying to trace where the kid went off. They suggested that I should report it to the baranggay hall. We decided to just go home. I was crying because I worked hard for the money and somehow I blamed myself for being too lenient by not putting my money in a safer place. While we were on our way, the tanod called me up. He said they managed to capture the kid. So I went but to my disappointment, the money couldn’t be recovered. The kid said there were four of them and so I went with the tanods to put up a blotter in the police station. The police officer was not surprised at all he said, “Hay naku! Nagnakaw ka nanaman? Ilang beses ko na kayo pinagsabihan.” So he went to take the kid to the detention cell, I could hear the kid screaming. It so happened that the police was scolding the kid. I couldn’t see what was happening and all I could hear was the squealing of the kid with every hit. This was one incident that I will never forget. I went home sad. Not because I lost money. I was saddened with the fact that kids who will eventually be the future of our country are exposed to the harsh world. Whatever happened to children rights? Were they even given the chance to live a decent life? The problems we face in the streets are just a reflection of our countries state. Children who are supposed to go to school and live a good life are forced to do evil things just to earn money. I then thought about the RH bill, will it be able to solve such problems? I don’t think so. We have grown too accustomed of the freedom we have that we forget our responsibilities. We go on and do things without caring for the long term problems it has in store for us. We have lots of policies but it is only written in paper. For as long as we refuse to take responsibility and go on blaming one another or the government, we will only end up like a bunch of Filipinos who are on a sinking boat. We keep on complaining about everything but do we ever take a solid act to solve problems?

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