My Own Little Escape

When I was a kid, I can never sleep without hugging a pillow close to me. My mama can attest to the countless times when I would look for something to hug for me to be able to sleep. I never knew why I grew fond of it. As I turned 8 or was it 7, my mama gave me a small teddy bear and even til now I still have that teddy. From the day I received it til the time I got a new teddy bear, I never let go of it. I can never sleep without it.

It was only til know that I realized why I love having a teddy bear close to me when I’m asleep. It’s because you feel cozy and warm without having to give something back in return. Teddy bears never reject you and they are always there for you when ever you need comforting. Up until now I still have a teddy with me in bed. It is the reason why I love being in my room. For it is when I am alone that I don’t feel rejected. I don’t have to worry about how people will think of me. I have peace when I see no one but my teddy bear. I don’t have to try for someone to like me. I can just be me. The plain, crazy and invisible me. Sometimes things than happen in reality is just too much for one person to bear and sometimes the people you need the most are never there.
My little escape from the world is no big secret. I think we have the same secret.  Just me, my room and my teddy. Sometimes you have to escape to avoid losing yourself.

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