There are times when I keep on thinking what’s wrong with me?

Why do some people ignore me? Some people hurt me for no reason at all.

Then I realized that the dysfunction I have is being too self giving to the point that I allow others to hurt and exploit me.

I should be aware that no matter how kind a person I should not misinterpret.

I should never fall for someone who says things and yet fails to stand up to it. I should stop being kind to them in order to be kind to myself.

I choose to walk away from those guys that fail to appreciate, the problem isn’t no longer in me.

I will no longer waste time for those who can’t be a real friend or a real man.

I was keeping a single message for more than 3months and it was only til now that I realize that I was clinging to something that was never important.

I thank God for this insight. I’ve learned to have some self-love.

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