Singa is Not Poor

Free trip to Singapore! I was ecstatic and shocked to find out it was one of the perks for being a finalist for Miss Resorts World 2011. Though I travel a lot in cyberspace, I’ve never left the country! I know right? Such a loser….

It was about 9a.m when we arrived in Singapore, right then and there, I noticed the difference. Their budget terminal looked way organized than our domestic airport. As we rode the bus on our way to the Star Cruise ship, I saw lots of buildings being built. The roads were wide and clean. I felt like I was in a dream. How many of us Pinoys have dreamt of such ideal living conditions?

The Philippines and Singapore, both have been colonized and went through several financial crisis like the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis. Back then, our economy was doing better than Singapore but why have we fallen in to a bigger hole into the abyss of economic instability? We use our natural resources and we don’t put weight on sustainability. Undeniably, the Philippines is probably one of the most lenient when it comes to law implementation unlike Singapore. We abuse the concept of freedom and democracy another reason why our country’s situation have been deteriorating for the past decades..When it comes to finding solutions we are living through trial and error which will never help us alleviate present conditions.

What is missing in our country that is in Singapore? I would definitely say majority of the Filipinos lack discipline, foresight and an iron fist. Our stubbornness as a nation will be our downfall. Maybe we have gotten used to second rate or should I say third rate living conditions. I hope not. Vision is what our country needs.

Singa will never be poor because they are driven, disciplined and united. I wish I could say the same thing for our country. If only I can afford to buy every Filipino plane tickets so that they can see that we can actually get more and do more for our country.

We need to wake up and stop living away with our current situation. The Philippines has always been a rich country, if only all of us realize that. There are no poor countries, only poor minds.

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