The Art of Letting Go

Letting go, one of the most difficult things we all have to face at least once in our lifetime. For us girls, it’s really devastating dilemma. We tend to be more emotional than men. The pain experienced by the man maybe magnified a couple of times for a woman.

How do you say goodbye to all the hopes you’ve put out for that dream? How do you start picking up the pieces? How can you manage to leave everything behind?

I had my share of mistakes and blunders and I can’t really  tell if I will still make those in the future. There are lots of years ahead of me and in life nothing is for certain.

When we let go, we give up the possibility. We accept that somethings are never meant to be. No matter how much it hurts, we must swallow the pain that goes along with it. People who never learn to let go will never grow. It is comparable with that of a pupa. If it resists the process of metamorphosis. She will never become a butterfly. The same goes for life. Whether it is going through a family problem, losing a loved one or something important, or being betrayed by someone, we must let go in order for us to grow.
As for me, I’m letting go of my ideals. I’m freeing myself from the notions programmed into me when I was a kid. I’m leaving behind fairy tales. I’m cutting myself away from all the drama. I’ve done stupid almost unthinkable and even pitiful things in the past just to hang on. I didn’t want to feel alone, unloved and useless . I did quite a number of things that a sane stable girl wouldn’t do. I don’t want to be caught in the cycle. I want to stop obsessing about the norms especially on me being a hopeless romantic. It never did me any good. It just resulted in me getting hurt and disappointed. I’m taking a stand and putting my heart in my sleeve with caution and a renewed faith. Living life the way we should live it by keeping everything real and untarnished by my own delusions and frustrations.

It is in moving on that you allow God to take control. When we let go, we realize our fallibility . It is a courageous act of accepting our destiny. Happiness starts when we let go. Everybody deserves to be happy. We all should learn to let go one way or the other. It’s high time that you and I take that little leap of faith. For once, face the unknown and entrust ourselves to God. Letting go is never easy but life same goes for life. It will never be easy, for cowards and for those who continue to live under the sheath of falsity. Hiding under what we perceive as norms is not living life the way it is supposed to be.
We should stand up and walk out of our history.  Besides, letting go isn’t the end of world but the beginning of a new life.

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