Changing Sails: 10 Things You Need To Think About When Making Decisions

Facing the horizon, where does one go? North, South, East or West? It normally comes to any person’s life when they have to choose which direction to take. I was faced with the same ordeal. From choosing what course to take in college to every little decision I had to make in my life.

Here’s are 10 things I learned along the way that can affect the direction of your sails while cruising across life:

1. You should always consider your passion. You can never be successful without it.
2. It’s easier to find your way if you know where you want to end and who you want to become.
3. If it doesn’t go with your values, don’t do it. Don’t let fame, money or other stuff that seems good ruin your principles. Stick to what you believe in, even if it means losing millions.
4.When in doubt, don’t do. Rely on your instinct besides if it’s really the right thing to do, you wouldn’t doubt it in the first place.
5. Don’t stress too much, God (or whatever higher being you believe in) will bring you to where you are supposed to be. For agnostic, you will never agree with this. 😛
6. The right decision should make you awesome. Never choose to do the things that will bring someone down or make you feel bad.
7. Always weight in cause and effect. Don’t let emotion make you do things without thinking the pro’s and cons first.
8. Ask for opinions from parents, they know more about life than you think. I was against everything my parents told me but later in life, I realized ( as much as it hurt my ego) they were mostly right.
9. Learn from history and other people’s experience through books. I read tons of books and it has helped me a lot.
10. Don’t choose a direction just because of dogma or popularity. Most of us who go with the crowd also end up getting lost among them.

Throughout my life I’ve made several wrong decisions but I do not regret it, I learn from it.

Making decisions won’t be as difficult if you know yourself well enough.

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