Urban Green

I have always had a thing for plants. Back when I was in my elementary years,  I started planting pechay or chinese cabbage. I saw the benefits of planting your own food. I would remember my uncle asking me if he could pick out some because he was making pochero or pork stew. At a young age I learned the importance of agriculture and the happiness you get out of it. It brings you closer to the environment as your hands touches soil. Fast forward to a decade and here I am trying again trying to go green. I saw a documentary before of how some people in Japan are growing their own foods in their balcony and rooftops. It dawned on me how simple the solution could be for the Philippines. We haven’t gotten rid of hunger and yet most would resort to giving dole outs to kids and homeless people. As a believer of hardwork, I never agreed nor supported hose who would give money. If they are to be better individuals with better lives,  it is best to teach them skills but I cannot teach something that I do not preach. Last November,  I eventually started my little vertical urban garden. I started with lettuce and bought a basil seedling placed them in plastic softdrink bottles which people would normally throw away. Just today,  I planted upland kangkong,  sili labuyo and cherry tomato seeds. I will start documenting my progress for the vertical urban gardening since I’m blogging using kindle, I can not upload photos as of the moment. Join me in my new venture for greener environment and healthier food. Let’s go green, the urban way.

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