Pusong Calle

If you like helping out like me, I’d say get your Pusong Calle shirts! The proceeds of the shirts will be used to fund current projects of the Couchsurfing Philippines Volunteers. You get a shirt while helping out, sounds great right?

If you are not a member of Couchsurfing Philippines then you are probably wondering about the Couchsurfing Philippines Volunteers. To give you a background, here’s the description of the group ( taken from the official website ) and if you want to join us in our upcoming activities do let us know.

The CS Philippine Volunteers (group) is a collaborative group that aims to create awareness and social responsibility to all its members without concern for monetary profit, acting as one for the betterment of the community, region and country.
The group was created by enthusiasts who met through the CouchSurfing community to make the outreach programs sustainable rather than just on a one time event. Likewise, to continue providing awareness to fellow CouchSurfers , travelers and society as a whole embodying the spirit of trust, humanity and self-less service.
To keep updated with the events and programs, add the CSPV group:
The pet project is the Outreach Feeding in Baseco Compound in Manila for children every other Saturday of the month. It started last May 2012 and continues to provide feeding session, health teaching for kids, art activities and story-telling activities. CouchSurfers from Manila and other countries have done their share and found a meaningful way of giving back to our less fortunate brethren.
You may join the subgroup of the BASECO Outreach Feeding Project with this link
Future programs will include donation drives, social awareness sessions, and small-scale social entrepreneurship training for the less fortunate members of the society.
The group aims to inspire and gather support from the beautiful hearts of the CouchSurfing community in the Philippines and around the world by sharing time,talent and expertise in the future endeavors.
At CSPV, volunteering could never be this fun!

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