Replenishes and brings life
Selfish intake brings overdose
Faster blood rushes through veins
Such a high it brings.
Sends me flying from within
One potent drug

Took a dose to find a cure,
A solution to pain and illness,
But adverse effects you have…
Gives me lows but with incomparable highs.
Something that weakens
Yet strengthens my insides.

Effects overwhelming
Moment needed to take it all in.
Never thought I’d ever find.
Breaks down internal defense
Majority of who and what you are,
A perfect sync to my system.

The odds were in favor
Given from a Supreme power.
Cure me from the diseases
Infections of the past.
A way to heal my heart.
Lose despair, apathy and distrust.
Best drug no doubt
You, I have found.

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