Love in the 21st Century

Love is a commodity in the 21st century.

I was thinking for days when I will start writing in my WordPress blog and I didn’t really plan on starting this July but somehow I felt like today is the “write time”. I tried looking for inspiration and I read about the weekly challenge which was about ” Love in the 21st Century”.

Yesterday, I couldn’t sleep early. I found myself pondering about authenticity and things from my past. I remembered how June ended for me last year, it was a heart breaking end to a relationship that lasted for a year and 11 months. Distance got the best of us. Despite that talking to someone now is a lot easier with  Skype, mobile phones, and Facebook, nothing seemed to help us patch personal differences.Looking back at that failed relationship, I have learned and grown up and yet it made me think twice about being vulnerable again.

Six months post break-up, thinking that I was ready to be in a relationship and that my wounds have fully healed, I decided to go into a relationship with someone from Australia. We have been friends for 2 years and we’ve had a platonic relationship since then. I treated him as just a friend and kept him in the friend zone. We talked daily, we shared thoughts and concerns. He became my confidant but something changed. When we started our relationship, he started becoming possessive and I have always been a free spirited individual. I started seeing a side of him that I never did and realizing that I didn’t want to be pressured into things. I ended another relationship.

Two failed relationship in two years had led me to think things over. I am no longer in a hurry nor am I considering being in a relationship soon.Often than not, social media will pressure you to be in a relationship when you are not ready due to the intensified need to avoid loneliness. In a way, I became an unknowing victim. Seeing people post about their relationships, weddings and small details, made me feel that life alone is sad. It made me lose focus of what should be put first and that is you can love yourself. We rely heavily on others now, seeking for approval like it provides us oxygen to live. Choosing social media over real conversations. Despite all the improvements in technology, more and more people are in disconnect.  I am still learning to create real relationships and until I am a better person, I will just be a viewer of everyday love stories. We see people foregoing face-to-face talks just to be updated with various social media. We are now missing more things because we are stuck with our gadgets. Somehow we are living in another world thus the problem with love arises. In the 21st century when countries are less distant and people are easier to reach because of the digital revolution, love becomes a commodity.

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