Weekly Writing Challenge : Mind the Gap

Me and my Mobile
Me and my Mobile

Filipinos are eight on the list in countries with the most Facebook users. It has been a part of everyday life for us. From the moment we wake up, during breakfast, at work and before sleep. Most of us now rely heavily on Facebook. I am one of those person. Is Facebook a boon to our lives, connecting us, making us closer, or, has it gone too far?

Just earlier this year, I decided to give up my day job to finding a web-based job. With this recent change, I now spend most of my time in Facebook. I see all the different persona.

Recently, I was reading an article about authenticity and social media. It expounded how we are becoming less authentic and how people now are more hungry for appreciation on-line. We sometimes end up alienating the very person besides us because we are too busy checking other’s lives on-line.  Despite these seemingly negative things about Facebook, it remains a big part of our lives.

Facebook has not gone too far,it just reflects the current society that we are in. I have gained more than lost because of it. I can easily check on how my distant friends are doing. It connects us to more people, it makes sharing our lives to others convenient. Without Facebook, the recent calamities would have been worse. A cause going viral in Facebook is like moving mountains, we are able to help more. We can now influence others much easier and people who seem high up do not seem that far any more. As to concerns about it becoming too intrusive and too counter-productive, we still have yet to learn how to control ourselves.

Facebook opened a new world for us and with that I’m grateful. What did Facebook do for me? It helped me save a baby’s life, got me a job in Manila, took me to places without even leaving the house and found and lost relationships. It made my world more colourful.

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