What if you are…

What if you are used to protecting yourself that you are hurting yourself in the process?

When you numb your pain, you numb your joy.

I’ve realized recently how much I’ve been destroying myself after moving to Metro Manila.

Not only did my fear of getting hurt me, I ended up hurting someone important to me.

Just a few days ago when I ended up hurting a great guy, I decided to stop it.

It’s not an easy process my hard-earned cynicism about relationships and men is deeply-rooted. The very thought of vulnerability brought me to making a big mistake of which I have to live with.

Maybe he will forgive me or maybe not. I can only hope for the best but what I can do now is try to rebuild things by becoming a better person.

“One could only damage oneself through the harm one did to others. One could never get directly at oneself.”
― Jean-Paul Sartre

Your say:

Did you also go through the same situation? How long did it take for you to overcome it?


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