When Perfect is Wrong

So we all want the “PERFECT ONE”. I have to admit, I’m one of those. Yup, i hate to blurt it out but i am a hopeless romantic. One with naïve thoughts about love. I blame it on fairy tales. We all grew up thinking that such stories are real and that it will eventually happen to us.  My past relationships definitely had no fairytale ending. It was more like that of a horror flick in which I end up being brutally killed.

A funny thing about love is that we often fall for someone who  we think is perfect for us but we end up getting hurt. I think most of us have experienced this. Life is crazy as it is and a million years cannot prepare us for it. The thing that makes life exciting and worth while are its surprises. LOVE makes life sweet. It gives us a reason to continue. Though it’s filled with complexities,what’s more important is not on finding the perfect one for us but showing them that we can do our best to love perfectly even though were only humans.

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