While spending time watching old favorite Filipino music videos, I came across this particular song by Silent Sanctuary and it made me think of a certain situation I put myself in. Hiling is the Filipino word for wish.

Wish, every one of us has one each night before we close our eyes and end the day. One this particular day and for the past weeks, I was only wishing for one thing and that is forgiveness.

Somehow I wish people found it easy to forgive you after doing something terribly stupid. I have to admit it is quite hard on the other side of the coin. It definitely served as a good reminder why I never do some things during my teenage years. It was my first to called a traitor. In my mind, I did not betray but I was wrong and I did. No good friend would hurt you especially when you are down.

I hurt someone who I never thought would matter to me and even if I try to fix things, I know a broken glass will never be mended. I guess that’s what I’ll ever have, a wish for rewind. I know it will never happen. Things will never be the same. I may or may not get his trust again.

Sometimes a wish is just something good to hold on until you finally accept reality and when you are brave enough to let go.

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