August Updates

August is going by so fast and I feel like July just ended yesterday.

Life is never easy but here are some of the things that I am currently working on.

  • Preparing for Miss SCUBA International– I am currently trying to contact people who are actively helping save our oceans. I do not want to just be a face who will represent Philippines this coming December. I want to contribute to the marine conservation and tourism in our country by helping out. My first task would be to get my diver’s license, which I will do this September. Also happening on September is the Shore It Up Coastal Clean-up in Subic which is headed by Lighthouse Marina Resort. Me and the other candidates of Ms. SCUBA Philippines 2012 participated last year. I had so much fun that I had to join again this year. To date, I have made acquaintances with a group who is trying to save the reefs in Cuyo Island, Palawan. They have an upcoming dive on November where I volunteered to join.
  • Setting Up a New Blog Site – I am currently trying to start another blog site which will be focused about upbeat living and travelling in the Philippines. I came up with the title while I was walking along Ayala Avenue. I am determined to show the bright side of the Philippines and spread positivity and love for our country. It will also be a business venture for me since I plan to make a living now out of writing so I am learning as much as I can. The site is still at it’s fetal stage. I have yet to finish conceptualizing the site.
  • Doing More Online and Freelance Jobs – When I decided to quit my fulltime job, I really did not plan anything. I ended up in a difficult situation where the money I earn just goes directly to cost of living. I am trying to adjust and focus more on online marketing and website developing. I did several modelling jobs from July to early August so I could focus without worrying where to get the money to pay the rent and bills. It is a challengeto book modelling jobs. I am also trying to do more hosting on t.v and events. Although my mother wants me to go back to Cebu, I am quite determined to make a better life here in Manila.
  • Going Back to Healthy Living– I have lost focus on my health these past few months and so I am getting back in shape. I am eating more healthy stuff now. After doing the 7 day Raw Food Diet Challenge, I became more conscious of what I eat.  I would have to say I am less Asian than I was before because I do not each much white rice as I did before. I have been walking to and from places for weeks and I intend on running more regularly.
  • Stepping It Up on Personal Challenges– After going through a quarter-life crisis, I have become aware of how lenient I have been with my life. How I have passed up on a lot of opportunities. I am now pro-active with life and stop a mediocre existence. It is very hard to change the procrastinator me but I am fighting it everyday. I have decided to lessen going out and attending couchsurfing events for more beneficial events. I am trying to learn more things online. I started doing the 7 day Raw Food Diet Challenge. I have yet to start my Minimal Living challenge but I have already lessened my spending to 3/4 of what I used to spend.

I am aiming to end this August way better than I ended July.


How about you guys? What are you up to this month?

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