How To Be Badass: Bring Out The Bitch In You

Tired of being the nice girl? Always unappreciated and used by people? Time to wake up Little Missy, reality will never be nice to you! You have to be a bitch because life will try to swallow you up until you learn to be proactive in your life.

 Being a bitch will not make you the most hated person in this planet. Try reading “Why Men Love Bitches”, you will find out that being a bitch means having enough self-respect and self-love by not allowing others to treat her like a doormat. Choosing to think and loving yourself first is necessary for you to be better in dealing with others. It is choosing to master your own happiness. If you forsake yourself, do not expect that someone will give your happiness on a silver plate. In this world, you get what you put in. I realized this during college, I gave too much of myself for others and they end up wasting a part of your life. You end up regretting things and not being able to live life the way you want to. Stop being the helpless victim. You can change your circumstances. No one will be nicer to you than you are to yourself, as Doe Zantamata once said:

“You can be a kind, good, generous, dedicated, and loyal person to everyone you know and also let them be kind, good, generous, dedicated, and loyal to you. Less is more. When you do say no sometimes, when you don’t always leap to assist anyone for anything, you create a respect for your time and your efforts. Then, when you do come through, once in awhile or even several times, it will be noticed, it won’t be taken for granted, and it will be appreciated. Plus, you will have more time for yourself to enjoy this life which has been given to you, and you will have the opportunity to let some other stars find their light and shine as brightly as you do.”

How many times have you said no? How many times have you decided to be a bitch and think of yourself for once?  I dare you to stop thinking about others for a week and focus on yourself then tell me about it.

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