Train Ride Through Life

I was on a MRT ride with loads of emotion for someone. All the hurt and distant memories suddenly came back. I started writing this free verse poem. I am not a professional poet but I figured it would be good to share because I know if there are two things that are universal it would be love and pain.

How do you heal a cut in one’s heart?

How do you forget the scars?

Will the happy memories from yesterday make it less painful?

Will the joys of today make each suffering unreal?

As we go through each stop, does our luggage lessen?

Does the destination lighten the burden?

Track after track, the wheels keep turning…

Each sojourner hides a deep longing.

Surviving on lies as gas to keep going.

Cursing every flashback of the hurtful past.

To live a life in daylight containers…

Pure bliss but nothing more than just a wish.


Have you ever felt like your life is like a train ride? What do you guys think of this?

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