5 Lessons That I Wish Every Filipino Learned After Yolanda

1. Taking care of the environment can save us.

We always think that what happens to the environment is far from us. Like somehow we just exist in this world together but are not directly connected. The typhoon reminded us about one thing and that is if we do not care enough for the environment, time will come that our kind will stop existing because earth will no longer be livable. No more clean water or air for us. All our resources driven to its greatest limits. It is time that we focus on finding more sustainable ways and we should do it quick. We cannot afford to have worse typhoons in the future. Be part of the solution to our current environmental issues. Time to lessen carbon footprints and be more environmentally aware.

2. Our lives depend on the people we vote.

I think by now the people realize that selling your votes or just plainly voting the popular ones will not make any difference to a better country. We should think again on the next elections and vote the ones whose heart is for a better country. Vote someone who will be there when we need them most and who will not desert us in difficult situations.

3. Being an archipelago, we should prioritize making each island self-sustaining.

The centralized way of development has only made the gap between the rich and poor wider. It is time that we focus on those undeveloped provinces by providing empowerment to them. Making transportation and all other basic needs available to all islands, not just Metro Manila or Metro Cebu. We should grow together as an archipelago.

4. We should stop being passive aggressive and acting like victims.

Plagued of news about graft and corruption ( we are so good with pointing fingers), we should wake up and see that we are the government. It is us upon each of us to make sure each peso spent is helping our country prosper. Every time we tolerate and re-elect corrupt officials we allow our country to suffer.  I admire those private sectors who did not wait for the government to do something.  Instead of ranting or complaining they actually did something. We should start thinking forward and not just of the now. Let’s prepare for the worse to avoid it. Better disaster preparedness and city planning are what we need. Let us demand this or else we will suffer the same fate.

5. Where there is heart, there is hope.

I know most of us are already losing hope in our country but as you can see, we have received much love from other countries. They see our worth. Let us stay strong and believe that things will get better for our country. We should follow what the other Filipinos are doing, taking the responsibility upon themselves and taking things to heart. We are known for our resilience. One day we will wake up to a better Philippines and let us start working for it today.

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