Paula Bernasor

Hi! I’m Paula Bernasor.

Domesticated Geek/ Underwater Ninja / Badass Filipina

Spent 16 years of my life at Ormoc City where I learned how to live a simple domesticated life. My mother taught me everything from ironing clothes properly to choosing the right ingredients in our wet market. It was quite provincial.
After high school, I moved to Cebu City to study Nursing and stayed there for 9 years. I was a boyish and introverted 22-year old when I joined my first pageant, right after finishing my lecture units for Masters of Science in Medical-Surgical Nursing. Cebu exposed me to two completely different lives being a nurse and a model. I worked as an English tutor and as a company nurse. It was not an easy task to juggle both worlds.

Months after deciding to stop working as a nurse, I made it as a candidate for Ms. Resorts World Philippines. One incident woke my soul up and reminded me of my dreams as a child. I made a huge decision when the pageant ended, I had to choose between staying in Manila or going back to Cebu. I knew what Manila had in store for me and took a plunge. I had no relatives and no work. It was a crazy decision to stay. It led me to finding a job for Premium Yacht Sales where I started doing marketing but the office work later got to me.

When I became an official candidate for Bb. Pilipinas 2013, I knew it was my time to give up my regular day job and my traditional Filipina life.

Here I am now, 2 years living a simple life while exploring the complex outskirts of Manila. A registered nurse working out of the medical world. On a daily basis, I fight with my inner demons to achieve my personal legend while trying to bring out the best in others.

About Paniki Chronicles:

I have written in Friendster blog for years but not seriously. At the time when Friendster was more popular than Facebook, I would usually stay up late and just write everything that is on my mind. Writing is one of my favourite therapies. I have so many things to say in my mind and I felt that somehow all of us are going through similar things.

I started blogging in Blogger where I used to have cebumisadventures.blogspot.com. I’m quite nocturnal so my friends would call me “Paniki” ( a local term for bat). I figured it would be a cool and unique name for a blog and thus Paniki Chronicles was born.

The main goal of this blog is to make urban living a lot less complex, more productive and meaningful. It is going against the stream of the fast-paced and robotic lives people in Metro Manila are living.

Art, music, nature and food are my tranquilizers.

The world is my inspiration.


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